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Best Forensic Investigation Company, Africa, 2016, African Corporate Excellence Awards
Best in Security, Forensics & Investigations – 2016 – International Business Awards

Can I do it myself?

Maybe you could, but would you really want to?

“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

Abraham Lincoln was an attorney by profession and his statement, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” applies to anyone representing themselves in legal proceedings – especially an attorney.

Professionals vs Amateurs

What we do isn’t rocket science, but it does require considerable training, studying and experience to master.

Over 1000 years of experience

1066 years to be exact (as at 1 December 2016)

TitleMin ExperienceOur ExperienceNumber
Trainee Investigator1 year2 years612 years10%
Junior Investigator2 years6 years1060 years15%
Senior Investigator5 years10 years19190 years25%
Specialist Investigator10 years17 years18306 years25%
Expert Investigator15 years26 years10260 years15%
Master Investigator20 years34 years7238 years10%
Trainee Investigator1 yearCertificate
Junior Investigator2 yearsDiploma
Senior Investigator2-3 yearsAdvanced Diploma
Specialist Investigator3-4 yearsUndergraduate Degree
Expert Investigator5-7 yearsMasters Degree
Master Investigator5-10 yearsMasters Degree +