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child tracking

Child Tracking

Knowing where your child is, where they’ve been and where they’re headed is not only an important part of keeping them safe, it is a parental responsibility. Tracking devices can be overt or covert depending on your needs, and are available for all ages and situations.

Cellphone Tracking

Know exactly where they are at all times… with or without their knowledge.

Hidden tracking software can be installed on a smartphone in seconds, and will run invisibly and silently in the background. It will periodically update the location of your child’s phone on a street map which you can access on your own phone or computer.

You can also set up a GPS leash (geofence) that will notify you immediately your child leaves a designated “safe” zone or enters a “danger” zone.

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Wearable Trackers

wearable tracking devices

Wearable devices are mainly for tracking infants and toddlers. They’re not ideal for covertly tracking a teen because their batteries require regular charging which is likely to arouse suspicion.

Taking the form of a waterproof, rugged wristwatch, these devices utilize both GPS and GSM positioning technology, so that your child’s location will be available even if indoors or out of satellite range. With tamper alerts and geofencing, these devices will keep an eye on your precious one when you can’t.

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Concealable Trackers

Concealable tracking devices are considerably smaller than the average mobile phone, and can be concealed in your child’s backpack, lunchbox or even dropped into their pocket (ok, maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea). Providing all the features of any other tracking device, you’ll be able to keep an eye on where you child is at all times.

Concealable tracking devices can also be built into items your child carries around, e.g. a laptop. If that item is lost or stolen, you’d be able to track it down.

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Vehicle Trackers

Not only will you know exactly where your teen is, but you can keep an eye on their driving. Hardwired vehicle tracking devices can keep an eye on your teen’s speed, acceleration, use of turning signals, seat belts and pretty much anything that can be electronically monitored.

Plot their current location and movements on an easy to use mapping app that is available on mobile or online… and get instant notifications sent directly to your phone, for example, when your child stops or starts driving, or enters “no go” areas.

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Which type of tracker is best?

Most devices will only be effective in tracking children from certain age groups. For instance, a vehicle tracking device would not be useful to track your toddler. Likewise, your teen would probably figure out that their new watch is a tracking device and may leave the device at home or deliberately sabotage it. In general, the types of tracking devices that work well for each age group are below.

Age GroupProximity LocatorsGPS TrackersMobile
Late TeensYESYES