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workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is repeated, offensive, intimidating, malicious, insulting, unreasonable or inappropriate behaviour directed towards an employee, or group of employees; an abuse or misuse of power by the bully through means intended to undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure the victim.

Is bullying happening at your workplace?

We can help. bullying intervention and interdiction services are designed to empower you by providing you with the resources, support, options and advice you need to take control of the situation, to put an end to the bullying, and to address the root causes, power imbalances, social dynamics and underlying issues that triggered, enabled or sustained the bullying. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to bullying because every situation is unique. Our approach is tailored to your individual circumstances, needs and budget.

Assessment Services

Situation AssessmentWe begin by listening to your story in detail and then by asking specific questions for clarification or to fill in the gaps. To offer you the best advice we need to understand (from your perspective) exactly what is going on at present, what has already taken place in the past, and what you believe is likely to occur in future.

Impact AssessmentBullying can affect one’s physical, mental, emotional, social and vocational health. In this phase you will consult with a medical doctor, clinical and/or industrial psychologist, social scientist or victimologist and, depending on the nature of the bullying, a legal practitioner.

Threat AssessmentKeeping you safe is essential. To be able to implement effective personal security measures we need to understand the nature and extent of the threats you face; the capabilities, limitations and motivations of the threat actors; and where and how you’re susceptible or vulnerable to attack, whether it is physical, emotional, social, economic, reputational or vocational.

Environmental Assessment

Research shows that bullying is most often enabled by environmental factors, especially in the context of workplace bullying. These factors include organizational cultures that

We would then interview any witnesses and examine any documentation, video or audio evidence that is available. The objective at this stage is to record, index and timeline each and every bullying incident, action or behaviour and details any other information, evidence or witnesses that can corroborate your story.

We begin by listening to your story, so that we can understand what is happening, what has happened and what could possibly still occur.

If the bullying involves criminal acts or is of an unlawful nature then

If physical abuse, acts or threats of violence have occurred or are likely to occur then we can arrange personal protection or other safeguards for you.