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Personal Security

We provide two types of personal security. Our executive protection team provides personalized, discreet, yet formidable security in depth to visiting dignitaries, celebrities, VIPs, high net worth individuals and their families. In addition to a highly trained, highly capable, and very well-resourced security detail, each executive protection assignment will include a dedicated concierge, paramedic, driver and local fixer or translator – all of whom are armed and full trained protection officers (just as all protection officers are trainined to assume any other role, e.g. driver, paramedic, fire and rescue, if needed). For larger protective assignments, additional auxiliary personnel would be utilized so that we can not only keep you and your loved ones safe, but attend to your personal needs without compromising security. We’re able to provide personal assistants, chefs, instructors, guides, clergymen, tutors, coaches, servants and other types of personnel should they be required. These auxiliary personnel are independent contractors with whom we have a long and fruitful relationship. All personnel are vetted and undergo periodic integrity testing. We also provide a no-frills, affordable, but nevertheless highly effective personal security service to the man-on-the-street. Personal protection officers, armed escorts and secure transportation is available to business people, families and individuals that feel threatened, are being stalked, or who might be at risk due to impending or ongoing personal, legal, financial or business entanglements. Regardless of which service you need, we will attend to your complete safety, comfort and peace-of-mind.

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Think you’ve got what it takes to be a specialist protection officer?

If you are an experienced, certified close protection, personal protection or protective security specialist with proven skills, physical and mental stamina, a winning personality, contactable references and a valid passport then we’d love to hear from you.

Email your resume and a brief summary of your skillset to

Qualifying candidates will be contacted within 48 hours.

Specialized training courses for protection officers

We’ve sourced training, instructors and qualifications that are internationally recognized and highly sought-after, and we offer hands-on, remote-learning and customized programs designed by the best in the business.

Protective Security Professionals

Practice makes perfect, right? Not quite. In the protection business there is no such thing as perfect security. Protection officers and support staff are continually learning, planning, rehearsing and analyzing their performance so that they are always prepared for the unexpected. Known threats can be identified, monitored, studies, modelled, understood, and neutralized. Its the unknown that needs to be anticipated. The protection professionals we seek are those that embrace change, who are flexible and adaptable, who are self-reliant but not self-centered, who are as much thinkers as doers, and can improvise, strategize, lead and act under extreme pressure, against all odds and without any support. These types of people are warriors, not worriers. To them, training isn’t something they do to please the boss or earn a certificate. To them, it is an opportunity to improve. Continuous practice means continuous improvement, and that is why protection officers are continuously training and assessing themselves. If they’re not engaged in an assignment then they’ll be at the firing range, on at the track, running scenarios and drills, studying attacks, attackers, defenders and defenses, keeping physically and mentally fit and ready. In fact, a personal security officer will spend as much as 2/3 of his or her time training and as little as 1/6 of career on the job (the balance is made up of pre-assignment and post-assignment tasks).