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mobile spyware debugging

Cellphone Debugging

Cell phone spy software is affordable, readily available, easy and quick to install. In most cases it is hidden, operates silently in the background, has a small footprint, is able to masquerade, conceal or disguise itself as a genuine application or system resource, and may incorporate self-destruct technology or be remotely removable at the first sign of discovery.

Advanced Debugging

R1250 once-off with full written report

For those serious about privacy

For some, it isn’t enough just to remove any spying threats and secure the phone. They want answers so that they can take appropriate action to protect their interests. That’s where advanced debugging comes in.

Advanced debugging will still remove any discovered threats, but not before we’ve investigated them thoroughly. The objective of our investigation is to answer as many questions as possible, such as:

  • How was the phone bugged?
  • Who is responsible for doing it?
  • How long as it been going on for?
  • What data has been compromised?
  • And more…


Forensic Debugging

R2500 once-off with full forensic report

Gather evidence needed for Court

Forensic debugging includes a full forensic examination and investigation of any unlawful surveillance or monitoring that has been taking place. This is an absolute must have service if you wish to take action against those responsible for bugging your phone. The service is essentially the same as the Advanced Debugging, except that we do not remove the evidence of spying, we preserve it so that it can be produced in court. In addition, we include:
  • Forensic examination
  • Evidence acquisition
  • Evidence preservation
  • Chain of Custody
  • Investigation report
  • Sworn affidavit


What do our customers say?

  • I wouldn’t trust anybody else with the security of our company’s information.

    Jay Atherton, Protea Group
  • My ex was harassing me for almost a year until Intertel traced spyware back to him.

    Penny Holloway, Tiger Wheel & Tyre
  • I knew she was snooping but I just couldn’t prove it until now. Thank you guys.

    Chris Lister, Aemox Safety Wear

Here’s why they say that…

Devices Scanned
Bugs Detected
Bugs Neutralized
Snoops Exposed
* Stats are updated daily. Last update: 2021-01-31

Compare Debugging Packages

How much does it cost? R1250 R2500
How long does it take? 1 day 3 days
How many times can I use it? Once Once
Must I send the phone to you? No Yes
Can it be done remotely? Yes No
Will all threats be removed? Yes Up to you
Will my phone be secured? Yes Up to you
Will threats be identified? Yes Yes
Will threats be investigated? Yes Yes
Will I get a written report? Yes Yes
Will spyware be detected? Yes Yes
Will surveillanceware be detected? Yes Yes
Will viruses be detected? Yes Yes
Will keyloggers be detected? Yes Yes
Will remote access be detected? Yes Yes
Will infected apps detected? Yes Yes
Will backdoors be detected? Yes Yes
Will vulnerabilities be detected? Yes Yes
Will hacking be detected? Yes Yes