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Products for Home and Family Use

Products for Home and Family Use

Intertel’s range of personal-use products includes software, hardware, mobile and web-based applications that focus on personal safety and security, but also include products that fall under the categories of productivity, information management, entertainment, education and personal computing. Every personal-use product we sell must add value to a person’s life or make things easier, more interesting or simply better. We use them, we love them, and we’re confident you’ll love them too.

Home and Family Use Products

Child Safety Products

Personal and family safety is a major concern for most people. We’ve added a number of safety-related products that are perfect for any emergency situation at home or on the road, and that provide vital power, communications, tools, self-protection, nourishment and first aid when you’re in a bind.

Home Security Products

Our focus here is to provide products that will provide additional security to you and your belongings while travelling, as well as ensuring the security of your things back home while you’re away. This includes personal alarms, locks, and remote camera systems for checking on your house when you’re not around.