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infidelity investigations

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations are usually the last resort of those who are tired of being deceived and sick of feeling betrayed. Your spouse or partner may have you convinved that they’re always one step ahead, and that you’ll never be able to catch them out. That might well have been true a few minutes ago, but it doesn’t need to be true any more. You see, we’re a cheater’s worst nightmare. We’re well trained, well motivated, well equipped and well connected. We have the capability to hear what they say and see what they do without them even knowing that we exist. If something is going on, we’ll find out about it. If lies are being told, we’ll uncover the truth.



Case Assessment
1 hour
1 day
Intelligence Gathering
1 day
1 week
Intelligence Analysis
Background Investigation
Surveilance Time
4 hours
8 hours
Number of Agents
Number of Vehicles
Vehicle Tracking
Hidden Cameras
Listening Devices
Cellphone Spyware
Computer Spyware
Video Capture
Photo Capture
Witness Identification
Witness Statements
Daily Summary Report
Daily Activity Report
Final Written Report
Final Interactve Report



How we came up with these packages

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together two ready-to-go infidelity investigation solutions, the “silver” package and the “gold” package. The “silver” package is the average infidelity investigation. In other words, this is the essentially all that most infidelity-related investigations require to end successfully. Here’s how we figured that out: we took all previously completed infidelity investigations (22,057 of them) and added up all the the time spent of each activity. We then divided the totals by the number of successful infidelity investigations completed (93.75%) and got the amounts for each activity. The “gold” package goes one step further (actually, a lot further). For this, we ran an experiment while our offices were closed in December/January. One of our surveillance teams (8 surveillance agents) were tasked to go about having a mock affair. They were instructed to use as many anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques as possible. The rules were that they had to at least make contact with their “lover” once daily (it could be telephonic, electronic or real-world) and they had to meet in person at least once per week in a discreet location that would be difficult (not impossible) for surveillance. Our investigators along with the rest of our surveillance staff were tasked to undertake an infidelity investigation targeting our “cheaters”. Since the “cheaters” know all of our techniques, and because they knew about the experiment, our infidelity investigators were at a major disadvantage. Long story short, at the end of our 45 day experiment, we added up all the time spent on each activity, divided the totals by 8 and then rounded them up. In all 8 cases our infidelity investigators succeeded in obtaining proof of the affairs, but as the figures indicate, it took much longer and was far more difficult than the average case. In most cases, the “silver” package will suffice. If, however, your “cheater” already suspects that you’re onto them, or if they’re naturally more alert or cautious then the “silver” package may not be enough to prove the existence of an affair, and you may need to consider the “gold” package instead. Remember that you don’t only have the choice of two packages. We can tailor our investigation to meet your specific circumstances and needs – whatever they may be.