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catch cheating spouse

Catch a Cheating Spouse

Catching a cheating spouse (or a cheating fiancé, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend) doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. These are tough times and being able to pay a private investigator to handle the matter for you might be out of the question. So what can you do about it? Plenty. You already have at least half of the things you’d need to uncover the truth (probably more). But what about those things you don’t have? Well, that’s where we come in. Intertel can help you get the rest and we can help you put the pieces together.

Here’s what we can bring to the table


Expertise and experience is something that we have in spades. As a company we’ve been around for 25 years. We’ve closed well over 20,000 cases, with a 93% success rate. Perhaps more impressive that all that is the fact that we have over 1000 years of combined investigative experience at our disposal and a geographical reach that extends to five continents.

CASE ASSESSMENTBefore we accept any case, regardless of the type of work involved, we will first assess what is known and what is not known about the matter. We will gather as much factual, circumstantial and contextual information as possible so that we can have a better understand of the situation. This will enable us to better evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of any available courses of action. We’ll then formulate a plan of action that has the highest likelihood of succeeding, or in other words, is most likely to deliver the outcome you’re hoping for.

Think of it like a visit to your GP. He or she will examine you, make a diagnosis based on the information available, and will recommend a course of treatment. The more information the GP has, the better the diagnosis and the more likely the recommended treatment will work. If there are alternative courses of treatment, the GP would explain the benefits, drawbacks and side-effects of each alternative so that you’re in the best position to make the right decision for you. For that visit, you’d pay the GP for his or her time and expertise. The cost of treatment (or indeed whether you even decide to follow the GP’s recommendations or opt for a second opinion) is a separate matter altogether.

CRISIS MANAGEMENTIf case assessment is like a visit to your GP then crisis management is like an emergency trip to the hospital. Things are more serious and therefore more information is required. Medical staff will quiz you about your medical history, allergies, symptoms, and they’ll hook you up to machines that can monitor your condition and vitals. You might even be sent to radiology for X-rays or to pathology for blood tests. A medical specialist will usually then assess that information and present you with options.

Crisis management isn’t about preventing a crisis, its about preventing a catastrophe and bringing about a speedy resolution. We consider a crisis as being any situation that threatens your current and future happiness, prosperity or security. Whether or not you’re responsible for the crisis situation doesn’t alter our committment to helping you overcome it (provided you’ve been open and honest with us). If you need to accept responsibility for your actions then we will work with you to find a fair and just settlement.


We love gadgets. Once you’ve set them up you can forget about them and they just get on with the job. Much of the technology we use ourselves can be purchased from our spy store or it can be hired from us for a period of time. You can either opt to install and set a gadget up by yourself or have one of our technicians do it for you. Either way, our technical support team will be on hand to help with any issues that might arise.

VEHICLE TRACKINGtracking devicesKnowing where your significant other currently is, where they have been in the past and where they’re headed can be vital information. First, it serves to verify whether or not they are where they claim to be (“I’m still at work, honey” – meantime they’re at a restaurant 20km away). Second, over time, it will provide valuable insight into their movements and activities. You’ll be able to identify suspicious visits, places frequently visited and routes travelled – information that is invaluable to other phases of an investigation like physical surveillance.

We offer a number of tracking options. You can either buy a tracking device from our spy store, or you can lease one from us. If you buy a device, we can even buy it back from you when you’re done. You can choose to install it yourself or we can do it for you at an additional cost. We can even monitor it for you if you don’t have the time or if it isn’t safe for you to do. For more information see:

HIDDEN CAMERAShidden camerasMiniature video cameras can be hidden almost anywhere. Some are already built into everyday items like clocks, wall hooks, picture frames, radios, teddy bears, you name it. They’ll discreetly capture whatever is in view and store that video on their own internal memory. More expensive camera systems can stream video to your phone or upload it via WiFi to the internet so that you can access it whenever you want, wherever you are. Remember to respect the rights and dignity of others, so be thoughtful about where you place a hidden camera.

LISTENING DEVICESlistening devicesListening devices (or “bugs”) can be hidden in a room, a vehicle or in an object. You can be a fly on the wall and hear everything that is said (or done) within range of the bug. You can also use a bug to listen into and record conversations on your home phone. Some devices are meant for live listening and you’d simply call them from your phone to listen in. Others will record the audio they pick up and store it on their own internal memory or send the recordings to you via the cellphone network or WiFi.

CELLPHONE SPYWAREcellphone spywareA word of caution here. Many countries have laws protecting the privacy of spouses against invasive surveillance like cellphone spyware. Other places may have tougher laws that forbid the use of cellphone surveillance at all. Please be sensible and responsible when choosing to make use of this type of product.

Cellphone spyware can probably provide you with more (and more useful) information than any other product. You’d have intimite knowledge of every conversation, message and chat. You’d know who they’re in contact with, how often and about what. You’d see what they did online or on social media, what they share, what they like. And more. Some cellphone spyware products have hundreds of features while others target the basics, like calls, SMS, WhatsApp and location.

COMPUTER SPYWAREcomputer-spywareAs with cellphone spyware you need to make an informed decision about computer spyware before going ahead. It is illegal in most countries to spy on a computer that you don’t own, and there may be other restrictions in other countries.

Monitoring a computer will let you know pretty-much everything that is done on that computer, both online and offline, including emails, instant messaging, social media, web browsing, document creation, you name it. Some spyware can also take screenshots, capture passwords, let you activate the webcam or mic so that you can spy in or listen in on what is happening in the vicinity.


You can’t be at two places at once. It’s simple physics. But we can. In fact, we can be at as many places as you need us to be, because besides having our own workforce, we have an established network of associates in almost every corner of the globe and can arrange a human presence at relatively short notice.

PHYSICAL SURVEILLANCEPhysical surveillance is to catching a cheating spouse as a ballistic missile is to warfare. If it is aimed at the right place at the right time it can be devastating to the other side – it could even end the war. If missiles are just fired off at random with no particular target (or even direction) then it will probably just end up being a waste of time and money. Using technology like GPS tracking to identify places and times of interest will enable you use physical surveillance where and when it is most likely to uncover the truth.

Surveillance agents can be called upon at relatively short notice, and to almost anywhere (given sufficient notice). They’ll be armed with an assortment of video nd photographic equipment that will enable them to capture court-usable evidence of activities or events of interest. Our surveillance agents are well trained, experienced, and smart. They will not break the law or violate any person’s rights while conducting surveillance. They will also break from surevillance should they believe that continuing would lead to their discovery and therefore back to you.

INTEGRITY TESTINGIntegrity testing involves orchestrating scenarios in which a person’s integrity can be tested. In the context of infidelity, we’d be testing whether your partner or spouse is predisposed to cheating, whether they would seize an opportunity to be unfaithful or whether they’d walk away. An important aspect of integrity testing is seeing what they have to say about the encounter to you. Integrity testing is most often employed online, via chat sites or instant messaging, when there is a concern that a partner or spouse is engaged in inappropriate online relationships that may or may not be spilling over into the real world.


Our business is primarily about information. We know what information is available, where and how to obtain it, what that information means and how it relates to other bits of information. Whether you need background information on a person or something more unusual, if it available somewhere then chances are we’ll be able to obtain it for you.

BACKGROUND CHECKSWhether out of curiosity or because you intend to take legal action against the person, knowing more about their current situation and past background isn’t difficult. We can obtain almost any information about a person, including their marital status, spouse details, current and past addresses, employment history, education and qualifications, financial position, business ownership interests and more. Price is generally dependent on exactly what information it is that you require, how urgently you require it, and whether you require documentary proof for use in legal proceedings.

TRACINGPay per use tracing is available if you need to identify and locate the owner of a vehicle registration number, telephone number (cellphone or landline), an email address, an IP address, a social media profile, messaging screen name, username or handle, physical address, PO Box, you name it.

FACT CHECKINGYou’d like to believe them, but something just doesn’t add up. We can cut through the bullshit and verify the facts.


Support is, and will always be, freely available to our clients. In fact, it is central to our business philosophy. It means that we’ll have your back, no matter what the situation or the odds – as long as you’re not breaking the law or being malicious – you can count on us being there for you materially and emotionally.

TECHNICAL SUPPORTTech support is available at no cost for any difficulties you might be experiencing with a product you’ve bought or leased from us. If you need help installing or setting up a device or software, if you’re experiencing an issue with a product, or if something has broken, gone wrong or is no longer working, then help is a mouse click or a call away.

LEGAL SUPPORTBeing in this business for so long has enabled us to identify others in related industries who share our values. We’ve established ties with some of the brightest legal minds in our country, and can refer you to a generalist or specialist near to you if you require legal advice or assistance with a legal matter.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORTAs with legal support, we have developed relationships with many professionals in the mental health and social services fields. Whether you need the services of a therapist, social worker or a marriage counsellor, we can refer you to trusted service providers near you.