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Business Background Checks

Intertel’s company background investigations are widely used by other private detectives, forensic investigators and law firms – most often in preparation for proposed or ongoing legal proceedings, and usually focused on establishing such facts as a company’s legal ownership and shareholding, identifying key decision-makers, locating and identifying assets, and assessing the liabilities and liquidity of the company.

Our company background investigation services are also frequently used by local and foreign companies that are considering an investment opportunity, joint venture, merger or acquisition of/with the company in question – often in support or fulfillment of due diligence requirements, and usually considerably in-depth and very broad in scope.

Despite the vast amount of data available nowadays, it is still increasingly difficult to gain reliable information on companies you are considering entering into a relationship with. You may already have had dealings with them, but need to know more about their circumstances, past dealings and their ability to deliver now as well as in the future.

In this situation a scant credit agency report, information from old friends or a quick Google search doesn’t give you enough to proceed with confidence. Rarely do these measures satisfy the needs of smart executives who want to make informed decisions and mitigate the associated risks. Common questions we’re asked to answer for our clients concern the following aspects of a company or business enterprise:

  • Incorporation & registration details
  • Office bearers and shareholders
  • Business overview, activities & history
  • Bonds, liens, mortgages and other encumberances
  • Financial details and assets
  • Liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Related entities, links & associations
  • Public profile, media sentiment & adverse press
  • History of litigation, prosecution and adverse reporting
  • Profiling products, services, solutions, brands
  • Assessing sales and marketing strategies and operations
  • Analyzing company decision-making and decision-makers
  • Deep Internet, grey-source and proprietary database searches
  • Red flags, warnings and listings
  • “Credible Insider” information

Screening and Vetting Services

Background screening is fast becoming standard practice in many industries and businesses across the world. Organizations are continually on the lookout for new ways to mitigate their risk, and conducting background checks is an effective and easy way to do so. Benefits of a proper background screening policy can include:

  • Better safeguarding organizational assets and trade-secrets
  • Helping promote workplace safety and appropriate behaviour
  • Hiring the best employees or selecting the ideal applicants
  • Avoiding long-term costs, absenteeism, and under performance
  • Maintaining your good reputation and business/brand name
  • Building trust within and faith in your organization
  • Protecting you from negligent hiring/retention litigation

Researching the histories and stated capabilities of the following individuals is always sound business practice:

  • Prospective and current employees
  • Potential and current vendors or suppliers
  • Temporary personnel
  • Business associates
  • Persons associated with investment opportunities