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background investigations

Background Investigations

From routine fact-checking to specialized searches to full personal or business profiles, Intertel’s background investigators and research analysts can provide vital insight into the true past and current state of affairs of an individual or business, allowing you to more accurately assess risk, to make better-informed decisions, and to take action that is measured, appropriate and in your best interests.

Personal background checks

We all have skeletons in our closets. A personal background check can dig deeply into almost any aspect of a person’s background to uncover theirs.

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Investigate your own background

Find out what information is out there about you. This is vital if you’re job hunting, applying for credit, adoption or any other process that may involve a background check.

Knowing what information someone else might find allows you to get ahead of any problem areas, clarify discrepancies and remove information that should not be there…before it counts against you.

Pre-Employment screening

Strip away the embellishments, fill in the gaps and meet the real person behind that winning resume. Pre-employment screening isn’t a luxury, its a necessity that reduces business risk and legal exposure.

Fact Checking & VerificationResearch & Investigation

Business background checks

Whether you’re contemplating a joint venture, takeover, transaction or new business relationship, knowing the true facts about a business is imperative.

What info can be checked?Check a sample report