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imagery intelligence

IMINT Collection

Intelligence concerns itself with gathering, evaluating, analyzing and disseminating factual, relevant information to decision-makers on time, in an unambiguous manner, and in an understandable format. Imagery intelligence collection is focused on the capture and recording of videographic footage, photographs, visual aids, graphics, animations, illustrations and their meta data, regardless of form or format.

ObservationThe aim of surveillance is often to capture photo/video evidence of a person’s activities. We’re able to do so in low-light conditions, from a considerable distance, and while on the move. Footage often makes for compelling, often irrefutable, evidence in legal proceedings.
DronesUnmanned aerial vehicles are ideal platforms for video surveillance. A drone can carry a 4K, High Definition video camera with a powerful optical zoom lens for capturing detail from thousands of meters away. Footage can even be streamed back for instant viewing.
Covert CamsConcealable, hidden, disguised and body-work covert cameras are available to use in any setting. Covert cameras can store captured footage internally or can be configured to transmit footage to a cellphone via 3G or via WiFi to anywhere in the world.
WebcamsWebcams can be remotely triggered to capture footage of activities taking place within view. This technology is used in our laptop anti-theft software as well as our parental control and surveillance software for Windows computers.
Traffic camsWe’ve recently added over 600 live traffic camera feeds to our IMINT collection capability. Footage from these cameras, which cover all national roads within major metropolitan areas, can be accessed via the Internet using a simple API.
CCTVAs with the traffic cams, we’re continuously adding CCTV camera feeds to our IMINT collection capability. In addition, many types of wireless camera systems are vulnerable to remote exploitation and can be used to gather surreptitious video evidence.
Cellphone CamsSimilar to webcams, cellphone cameras can also be remotely triggered to capture secret images of activities taking place in the vicinity of a phone. This technology is used in our Guardian and CellSpy software.
BorescopesBorescopes are miniature cameras attached to a flexible tube that can be controlled. It is a vital device for observing activities taking place in adjacent rooms or in difficult to reach or confined spaces.