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communications intelligence

COMINT Collection

Intelligence concerns itself with gathering, evaluating, analyzing and disseminating factual, relevant information to decision-makers on time, in an unambiguous manner, and in an understandable format. Communications intelligence collection is concerned with the acquisition of communications, communication-related information and meta data, regardless of the form or format of the communications.

The interception and monitoring of communications is highly regulated in most countries, including South Africa. Communications intelligence collection will therefore only be employed as and when appropriate, and only upon confirmation from our legal counsel that the planned activity will not violate applicable law.
BuggingThis involves the concealment of covert listening devices (bugs) at specific locations (for example, in a meeting room or vehicle) in order to record conversations taking place in the vicinity.
TappingTapping is the monitoring of telephone lines. It can be accomplished by hard-wiring a recording device or audio transmitter to the telephone line or with the cooperation of the carrier at the junction box or telephone exchange.
EavesdroppingThis is the oldest form of communications intelligence gathering. It covers all activities enabling a person to be within earshot of a conversation without the participants being aware that their conversation is being overheard.
InterceptionElectronic communications signals can be intercepted passively (e.g. off the air without affecting the original communications) or actively (by masquerading as a cellphone tower in the case of GSM interception).
AmplificationThis is the use of directional and parabolic mics, inductive coils, vibration sensors or lasers to receive, convert and amplify otherwise undetectable sounds so that distant (or insulated) conversations can be listened into.
DefeatingIt does little good to have the message but not be able to read it. Defeating seeks to defeat cryptology, steganography and other methods of concealing, encoding or enciphering communications content and meta-data.