Most Innovative Company, South Africa, 2016, African Business Awards
Best Forensic Investigation Company, Africa, 2016, African Corporate Excellence Awards
Best in Security, Forensics & Investigations – 2016 – International Business Awards
Intertel Investigations

What does Intertel do?

Most people would say that we’re a detective agency or private investigation company. Who could blame them? The website’s domain name is and the logo clearly states “Investigations” below Intertel. It isn’t that we’re not capable of doing anything a private investigator can do, its that we’re so much more than that. The thing is we had to choose something to go with our company name because “Intertel” by itself doesn’t really say much about what we do. Investigations is only one aspect of our business, but it is the most widely recognized – especially online. Although most of the work we do doesn’t really require true investigative work, most people would associate that with the services of a private investigator.