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Infidelity Investigations – Quiz 1 – Cheating Man

Infidelity Quiz 1

This tool evaluates your significant other’s comparative potential or susceptibility to engage in inappropriate relationships or disloyal behavior. It does so by comparing your answers to those of thousands of other women who have been in a similar situation (of uncertainty, doubt and suspicion) but who have later confirmed that their husbands, fiances or boyfriends had indeed been unfaithful. The results of this quiz should not be relied upon as proof of an affair, past or present, and should not be used to predict future behaviors or actions. It merely identifies and scores the similarities between your partner and those men who have cheated on their wives, fiances and girlfriends


This quiz consists of 47 multiple choice questions that ALL need to be completed for the results to be meaningful. Before you click the Calculate Score button at the end of the quiz, please check that all questions have been answered and that your answers are, to the best of your knowledge, true and correct.

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