Most Innovative Company, South Africa, 2016, African Business Awards
Best Forensic Investigation Company, Africa, 2016, African Corporate Excellence Awards
Best in Security, Forensics & Investigations – 2016 – International Business Awards

Cyber Investigation Team

We’re often asked, “Why should I pay a private company to do what the police should be doing for free?”, and our answer is always the same: We welcome the day that police will have the necessary resources, expertise and capacity to handle every case of fraud and cybercrime that takes place, but unfortunately, that day is not today. Because we’re not the police, we can afford to focus our efforts on specific types of cases only. We’re more flexible, more agile, more efficient and more responsive than a government agency, and we’re not subject to political or bureaucratic pressures. Not only is our team continually training, learning and improving, we’re always teaching what we’ve learned and transferring practical skills to those who are interested – including the police.